My Dream Winter Coat Collection Wish List

Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day!

The temperature is dropping here in eastern NC!  Well…except for today.  Today it’s 68 degrees and muggy, but I’m going to try and forget that it’s this warm out at the end of November. Meh.

When I’m not wearing spandex and comfy tops with a puffy vest, I like to build my outfit around a great coat. Next to shoes and makeup, coats are my favorite item to shop for! I have a pretty decent collection, but felt the need to create My Dream Winter Coat Collection Wish List to share with you all. Below are a few of my favorites (listed in no particular order) that I have spotted online.  I’m a plus-sized gal, so you will notice that most of the coats come from the ASOS Curve collection, but almost all can be ordered in regular sizes too. Let’s get started!
Missguided Plus Shawl Collar Maxi Coat  (Sold on ASOS for $91.00)


I just love a maxi coat.  This one is a great style and the color is so easy to pair with tons of different outfits.  I love how it is modeled above with simple, monochromatic colors.  You could even add a broach to the collar if you wanted.  Something vintage would look so cool!

Hood If I Could Cape in Saffron  (Sold on ModCloth for $99.99)


Be still my heart!  I just LOVE a deep yellow and a cape so the piece pictured above is a dream.  This saffron hooded cape is so cute!  It would look fantastic dressed up or down, with leggings or jeans, and finished off with ankle boots.  It looks wonderfully cozy and easy to move in which is always a plus in my book.  I am the queen of layering in the cooler months and this cape allows you to do that because of its non-restricting sleeves.

A Walk in the Parka Jacket (Sold on ModCloth for $89.99)


I might be the only person in the world that doesn’t have a parka in their coat collection.  I’ve never really found one that I liked before now!  I love the color, I love the faux shearling, and I love the hi-low shape of this parka offered on ModCloth.  It’s the perfect casual-running-around-town-hanging-out-by-the-fire-pit-later coat.

Sleuth be Told Trench (Sold on ModCloth for $69.99)


Some of you may or may not remember a tv show called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  If not, just click here to learn more about it.  Basically I was obsessed with Carmen Sandiego’s red trench coat.  I thought it made her look so badass.  I’ve always wanted one and really don’t know why I haven’t bought one yet.  I feel like they go in and out of style (like everything else).  One of these days I am going to grab one.  I really like the one pictured above mostly because of the color. The tan color makes it easy to pair with any outfit.  I’d probably wear it mostly open because keeping it buttoned up makes you look like a flasher. Haha!

Alice & You Faux Fur Yeti Coat (Sold on ASOS for $103)


Here we go.  I never knew I needed a faux fur yeti coat until I saw this baby.  This bad boy is so awesome. Mostly because it’s different and partly because it can turn an outfit into something casually wild!  The outfit above is perfect.  I would wear a loose, v-neck tee with either leggings or jeans.  Ankle boots would look cute of course, but I would also rock the right sneakers or Doc Martens with this too.  I wonder if it needs to be groomed every now and then?  I kid, I kid.

ASOS CURVE Jacket in Vintage Faux Fur  (Sold on ASOS for $68.50)


So here is another faux fur coat.  I just love faux fur.  It makes me feel like a rock star.  I actually already have this same coat from ASOS in a different color.  The one above is lighter and for some reason really gives me a 1970s vibe.  I may be in the totally wrong decade, so don’t judge.  Again, I feel like this coat would look great with a dressy or casual outfit.

River Island Plus Sequin Bomber (Sold on ASOS for $98)


Lawd have mercy.  So last year the NC Symphony came to my town and played songs from Harry Potter while an illusionist performed.  It was magical (pun intended).  Any who…the illusionist had this out of control sequined jacket on and my friend and I got a real big kick out of it.  Little did I know that seeing that OOC sequined jacket would spark a new love.  I need water.  I need food.  I need shelter.  Well now I need a sequined jacket and the one above fits the bill.  I’ve always wanted a bomber jacket.  Something about them reminds me of Grease and the Pink Ladies.  Well this jacket is everything I want and more.  I feel like if I had this in my collection I would totally run around town snapping my fingers and starting knife fights or throwing glitter bombs (just kidding about the knife fights, not kidding about snapping my fingers).  This jacket would look great with leggings or jeans but also would look super cute with a longer pencil skirt!  Honestly I would wear this with my pajamas and not even care.

Welp.  That about sums it up.  I am sure I could find more coats out there but I’m trying to behave.  Thanks for stopping by the blog today to take a look at My Dream Winter Coat Collection Wish List!  You can shop the coats listed above by clicking on the name and a new window will open with the coat’s page.  What coats or jackets are on your wish list? Let me know in the comment section below!

Hope you guys stay warm until we “meet” again next time!







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