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Fumbly Friday Review-ColourPop’s Zingara Shadow Collection

Happy Friday Guys!

Sorry for getting this review up later than I expected.  I wanted a few extra days to play around with ColourPop’s Zingara Super Shock Shadow Collection and time got away from me this week between life and the threat of Hurricane Matthew.  Here in NC we are still hoping Matthew puts an egg in his boot and beats it!

So here we go.  Welcome to the Fumbly Friday Review here at Humbly Fumbled.  I plan to keep my review blogs scheduled for Fridays since it gives me plenty of time over the weekend and into the week to review an item.  Depending on what I am reviewing, I may need more time and will make sure to note that when I post.

Today I am posting my review on ColourPop’s Zingara Super Shock Shadow Collectionwhew, that was a mouthful.  yes-yes

ColourPop is a California based cosmetic company that gained a huge following through social media over the past few years.  They create products for eyes, lips, face, and brows. ColourPop is proud to offer products at an extremely reasonable price. I mean, their liquid matte lipsticks are only $6 each and their eye shadows are only $5 each!  I have several of their liquid lip products, a few of their Lippie Stix (traditional stick formula) products, and one crème gel pencil eye liner.  Let’s get back to the Zingara Collection…

I was sold as soon as I saw them post a picture of the Zingara Collection on their Instagram. The colors in the collection are right up my alley.  I love all things terracotta and burgundy red. They literally make my heart flutter with thoughts of a warm eye look with a vampy lip.  The collection is four shadows that include Jinxie (soft gold, pearlized finish), Paradox (cool toned burgundy red, satin finish), Elixir (mid-tone terracotta, matte finish), and Seeker (warm reddish brown, matte finish).  Here are some swatches:

Natural light color swatches from top to bottom: Jinxie, Paradox, Elixir, Seeker (Finger swatch first, brush swatch second)
Indoor lighting color swatches from top to bottom: Jinxie, Paradox, Elixir, Seeker (Finger swatch first, brush swatch second)

The finger swatches blew me away!  They were so vibrant.  As you can see the brush swatches were less pigmented, which I expected (thanks to Stephanie Nicole for the inspo to perform brush swatches as well). Jinxie performed the worst during the brush swatch test and Seeker performed the best in my opinion.  ColourPop recommends that you use your fingers to apply their shadows and that a synthetic brush (which is what I used for my swatches) can be used for more detailed application. Their application tips are all over their website and they include a pamphlet with all of their products with those same helpful tips.  One thing I forgot to mention…their shadows are a cream to powder formula. They feel super soft and slick when you dip your finger in the pot and really do glide on smoothly when applied using your finger.  However, I will admit they take some getting use to.

I was able to incorporate all four of the shadows in my eye look on the day that I tested. First I primed my lids using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. Then I used an eye shadow that was close to my own skin color all over my lid, crease, and brow bone to help blend.  This is a normal step that I take whenever I do my eye makeup.  I used a fluffy blender brush to place Elixir in my crease and down to my eyelid.  Then I used a pencil brush to apply Seeker on the outer V.  I used that same pencil brush to place Elixir on my lower lash line followed by Paradox.  On my lid I used a flat, synthetic brush to apply Jinxie.  I was not happy with the way that shadow applied using the brush.  It barely showed up at all so I used the tip of my finger to apply it over my lid and got a much better result. Some eyeliner and mascara completed the look.  Below are some photos of the finished result (Bear with me, I am still trying to get comfortable with and in front of my camera).  I finished this eye look with Kat Von D’s Project Chimps (Limited Edition).  It is my new absolute favorite lip color for fall!  Hold up. Let’s be honest…it’s my favorite color for all the seasons!

Overall I was very happy with the colors in the collection.  My least favorite was Jinxie (soft gold).  I wasn’t happy the way it applied and it wasn’t as bright as I hoped it would be. I mean, I wanted some bling on my lids!  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible…but it wasn’t on the top of my list.  My favorite shade was Elixir (terracotta), but I knew that it would be though.  I love the way terracotta colors play off my blue/gray eyes and fair skin.  I thought that it applied nicely with my fluffy blender brush.  Obviously, it would have applied better by using my finger, but I don’t really care to blend in my crease using that method.  That leads me to my biggest pet peeve about these products…I just don’t care to have to use my fingers at all to apply eye shadow.  I’d much rather use my brushes because I feel that they are way more effective and can make eye shadows look well blended.  ColourPop makes some amazing shadow colors and I was excited to buy more if I really liked this collection.  I may hold off for now because of the application factor, but I am going to continue to practice with the Zingara shadows and see if I change my mind.  My thoughts are not a reflection on ColourPop at all but basically boil down to my personal preferences.  I would totally recommend them as a cosmetic company and I plan to purchase more lip products from them for sure.  You can’t beat their color selections and prices!

Hope this review was helpful and I look forward to posting some new Fumbly Friday Reviews for you guys going forward! As always, please don’t hesitate to post any questions or suggestions in the comment box below.  I would love to help answer any questions if I can and gain some insight from you!

xoxo, Krista


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