Peach Cobbler with Honey Thyme Ice Cream

Spring and summer time always reminds me of peach cobbler. Not sure exactly why since we didn’t have it super often when I was growing up, but for some reason I crave it as soon as the weather gets warm! I had some thyme left over from another recipe and started thinking about ways I… Continue reading Peach Cobbler with Honey Thyme Ice Cream



American Style Breakfast Sausage…YUM!

Good morning! Besides bacon, I think the next best thing is breakfast sausage! Actually, I prefer sausage, but don’t tell anybody. One thing I don’t like about store bought sausage is that it can consist of stuff I can’t pronounce and a good bit of sugar. More recently my thyroid has been acting up causing… Continue reading American Style Breakfast Sausage…YUM!